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Akwa Ibom Motto Park touts murder mother of two in Uyo

A woman (pictured above) lost her life in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State today after a group of motor tax force touts struggled the steering of the vehicle she was riding in with the driver.

According to Facebook user, Moses Eskor, who shared the story, the woman identified as Awanabasi Enang, a mother of two, traveled from Eket to Uyo for an interview when the incident occurred.

He said the task force officials who drove in a red Mazda car stopped the driver of the vehicle the deceased was traveling in, but the driver refused to stop, so the caught up with him, struggled the steering of the car with the him, and in the process, the car tumbled and Enang died.

Eskor wrote:

No! No! No! No!
NOT Again!
I just can't believe it,
Is it true that my dear Sister Anwanabasi Enang has been murdered today by members of Akwa Ibom State Motto tax force (or whatever name they call them)?
It it true that those touts employ by the ministry of Transport drag a car steering with a stupid driver not minding the plight of the passengers in the car?
If a driver (who is equally a tout) try to escape must the ministry of Transport (touts) staff drag the car steering?
Now that my sister Anwanabasi Eshiet (an innocent passenger in that car) is killed by these idiots employed by the ministry of Transport in the process of enforcing the ministry rules will the ministry right the wrong?
Anwangabasi will not die in vain!
All the touts in that ministry that caused her death and their employers must pay damages!
Anwangabasi has two lovely children and a helpless husband. Anwangabasi has suffered for the State government, she worked with the ministry of Local Government at Eket, she came to Uyo today for a promotional interview leaving her two children at home.
The touts and the ministry that employ them must pay damages or we will go to court!
This woman cannot die in vain
Please I call on the State Governor to intervene in this and caution the Ministry of Transport and their employed touts in uniform to stop more deaths in Akwa Ibom Roads!!!

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