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"Your marriage will crash in four months, if... " Uche Maduagwu warns Kim Kardashian

Y'all know the Nigerian actor Uche Maduagwu, who's been fighting and warning people all over the place. Uche has taken his drama to Kim Kardashian. He shared a photo of Kim and wrote a  message warning Kim who doesn't even drink(apparently he didn't  know) to desist from drinking, else her marriage to Kanye West will crash in four months. Uche didn't stop there, he said Kanye West has been calling him to complain about Kim. Lmao! See his message below:

Your marriage will crash in four months if you don't stop your excessive alcohol intake... 🍺🥃 @kimkardashian needs to put an end to her excessive drinking 🥂, its becoming a big issue in her marriage, as a mother, too much of alcohol is bad🥃, that's the reason you had always been having series of fights with Kanye👊🏽, you need to respect your husband🤴🏽 and be the virtuous wife he always wanted you to be. I know how many times Kanye had called to complain about you.☎ Please chang

Poor Kim!

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