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Young girl killed my demons during deliverance comes back to life after Rev. Father prays for her

There's is story making the rounds that a young girl who was taken to Jesus And Mary Adoration Ministry Of The Holy Spirit in Amichi, Anambra State, for deliverance was hit by demons, so she fell  and died during the session.

According to reports, she was kept in a room until the Reverend father in charge, Fr Egwu Umummuo who was busy at the time ended the service. He prayed for the girl and she came back to life.

Read the eyewitness report below:

A young girl who came to worship at JESUS AND MARY ADORATION MINISTRY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT,AMICHI,was reported dead after she was hit by a demon,she fell down and died,Stewards kept her in the chapel while waiting for the adoration prayer to end so that Fr Egwu Umummuo will decide on what to do.
"But to my greatest surprise,just like in Jesus own days,Fr Egwu saw the lifeless body and told people around that he doesnt believe that the young girl is gone(dead). He started praying for the lifeless girl and she instantly came back to life.

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