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Who is this Oyibo woman singing an Igbo song with so much passion? (video)

Awwww..so I stumbled on this video of a beautiful white woman singing a gospel song in our very own Igbo language. The sweetest part of it all, is her voice and the passion with which she sang. A lot of us can't speak our local dialect (me inclusive)... not like I don't understand sha...I do.

 I know what to say in my head, but dear friends, every time I open my mouth to try to say the words in head, it comes out wrongly. Any idea why that happens?

Anyways, back to our igbo singing sister. She impressed her viewers with this beautiful rendition. Feel free to watch below and if you cannot speak yor local language like myself, hide your face in shame. Lol...Kisses and a warm hug**

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