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Villagers beat up headteacher caught having sex with a married woman in the bush

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The headteacher of a secondary school in Sinda District of Eastern Province, Zambia was caught having sex with a married woman in the bush. 
The incident reportedly happened in May. The randy teacher who is also married is said to have fathered a child out of wedlock with another married woman.
Teachers at the school say the unnamed headteacher who only resumed at the school 11 months ago was in the habit of sleeping with married women.
According to Zambian Accurates, traditional leaders and the District Education Board Secretary, DEBS, agreed to transfer him to another school so villagers don't lynch him. 
A teacher who didn't want to be named told Zambian Accurates:
"This news was also on radio at one of the radio stations in Katete where this head teacher was found on top of a married woman having sex. They grabbed off his clothes and started beating him as the villagers watched. They dragged him into the mud whilst pouring water on him. He was taken to one of the traditional leaders known as the " Nduna" and later to the Chieftainess where they resolved to chase him from the chiefdom. The "Nduna" met the DEBS where she was promised to be transferred to another school.
"He just came to this school last year in May but he's misbehaving. We hear even where he came from it was the same he even has a child with a married woman there. What am telling you is not a cooked up story it's real and it was on radio. Why he's behaving like this is that the wife ran away from him last year. You may wonder why he's behaving like this despite having children who're working," the teacher narrated. 
And one worker at the DEBS office confirmed the development.
"The big man received the complaint he told the traditional leaders that he will transfer him. Call him if you want more information I can't disclose everything." The worker at the DEBS office disclosed.

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