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'Unapologetic' Toke Makinwa buys her dream car, a Range Rover (photo)

Toke Makinwa stepping out of her dream car

Looks like business has been flourishing for popular Nigerian OAP, and bestselling author Toke Makinwa. The most talked about Nigerian celeb just bought herself her dream car, a Range Rover, which she showed off on Instagram.

Toke showed off her recent purchase and wants you all to know she is unapologetic about it (like why should anyone apologise for buying something so gorgeous).

She wrote:

“I’m learning to breathe again, learning to let go and completely let God with everything (not some but all), I’m learning to appreciate my journey, learning to accept God’s blessings without feeling guilty, undeserving or scared of what may come next 🙏.I’m learning to trust again, learning to take better care of myself, (😜 I bought myself the car of my dreams and I make no apologies for it) “Thank you Jesus”….. I’m learning to not be so hard on me even when I fall. I’m learning about life each day, learning to see beauty in everyone and every situation. I am human, I am learning, I am becoming ❤️ #OnBecominginSA

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