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South African woman sets husband on fire for raping her 7-year-old daughter

A 40 year old mother in Soweto, South Africa, is presently in jail, awaiting trial after she set fire on her husband Philips, for raping their 7-year-old daughter. 
According to Zambian Accurates, the woman identified only as Noam waited for her husband to go to bed, then when he was asleep, she poured a combustible liquid on him, setting him on fire. 
Phillips ran from their apartment into a convenience store screaming, “I’m on fire!”
Investigators say Noam set him on fire because he hurt her daughter, who is his stepchild. She told the police that shooting him “was too nice” a punishment for a crime like that.
Phillips fortunately survived the blaze and is being charged with a 1st degree sex crime, while Naomi is facing arson and assault charges.

People are saying Noam shouldn't be severely punished for the crime, seeing that it was a crime of passion. What are you thoughts?

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