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See hilarious message Facebook sent a user who unfriended someone

Hehe... so these Facebook people have been asking too many questions lately or do I say talking too much lately. From bombarding me with questions about what I love to eat, what I studied in school after I filled out my University, to randomly picking photos from my phone and reminding me to post. Jeeezz I could easily just deactivate my Facebook account but sadly I need it for all the positive benefits it has.

Didn't think to write this until a Facebook user shared a hilarious message they sent her, after she unfriended someone. Like they took it personal, and typed all sorts, reminding her they won't let the unfriended person know she unfriended them. What sort of amebo work is that... Lmao!

I'm just here praying they introduce a do not disturb button, so people like me who can't stand their frequent pestering can just switch off from their many notifications.  That said, see the message the sent the girl below:


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