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Savage tattoo artist inks young thief's forehead with "I am a thief and loser" (photos)

A tattoo artist caught a teenage thief, but rather than report him to the authorities decided to give him a lasting punishment. He tattooed "I am a thief" on his forehead.

The artist, a Brazilian named Maycon Wesley cornered a teen who allegedly stole a bicycle from a one-legged man. He ordered him to sit down then, proceeded to tattoo the incriminating words on his forehead.

The words written in Portuguese read:
Eu sou ladrão e vacilão, which translates to ‘I am a thief and a loser’.

Wesley then gleefully ask the embarrassed teenager if he liked his new look.

According to local authorities, the boy who seemed terrified disappeared after the incident which occurred last Friday, and is yet to be found. The artist was arrested the next day and charged with torture alongside his friend who gave him support.

Maycon Wesley is savage... what could be worse than this? Lets hope the little dude doesn't kill himself.

See more photos below:

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