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Police Dog fired from his job for being overly friendly

A police dog has been fired from his job because he's been overly friendly. 
One-year-old Gavel was too busy rolling over and getting his belly rubbed to fight crime on the frontline. 
He enjoyed having regular belly rubs rather than standing to attention and looking menacing.

As a result of this, the police dog-in-training failed to make the final cut for Queensland Police Service in Australia.

Luckily, Gavel was offered a new role welcoming visitors to Brisbane’s Government House as Governor Paul de Jersey’s official Vice-Regal Dog. So all he does now is sit pretty and be a ceremonial dog.

According to Daily Mirror, spokesman for Queensland Government House said:
“Gavel arrived at Government House in April last year as a six-week-old puppy.
“It was intended that he would undergo a training and socialisation programme preparing to become a Queensland Police Service Dog.
“But like many aspiring QPS Dogs, Gavel did not display the necessary aptitude for a life on the front line.
“Not all dogs display this, and Gavel proved himself to be quite sociable.He is better suited to life as a ceremonial dog and will instead now spend his working days at Fernberg, where he has become a much-loved part of Government House life.”

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