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Thief arrested for stealing two days after he finished serving a 7 year jail term

This one has sworn to die by hanging, or how else would one explain how a man who left prison after seven years of being incarcerated got busted for stealing car batteries 2 days later?

Reports have it that, ex-convict Anietie Okon was paraded by operatives of the Cross River Police Command, just two days after he was released from jail, for attempting to steal a car battery. When questioned as to why he did that, the perpetual thief said he was trying to raise money to buy items for cleansing as prescribed by a prophet in Calabar.

Explaining his reasons for stealing again 48 hours after he was released for jail,  Okon told Punch:
“I had no money on me. I went to the church for deliverance but the prophet asked me to go and buy some materials for cleansing. I did not have any money, so, I went to a mechanic workshop to see if I could get money.

“I sighted a battery and wanted to take it for sale but I was caught by security operatives. That was how I found myself in the police custody again. Please I beg for mercy, I will not do it again. I actually told the church that I had no money.”

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