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No more journalism! Kemi Olunloyo says she now a political activist...reveals she lost $300k during her time in jail

Kemi Olunloyo who was recently released from Port Harcourt prison after 82 days of being incarcerated, has spoken out about her situation. The controversial journalist took to Instagram to reveal she has lost about $300, 000 following her incarceration.

She showed gratitude to a couple of people who stood by her at her time of need. She thanked former Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) president Ibinabo Fiberisima for visiting her in jail, and contributing to her legal expenses. She also thanked her arch enemy Georgina Onouha for showing her support during her time behind bars.

Read her full message below:

"Today I'm waking up as a political activist. The hashtag is #hnnactJournalism @hnnafrica will be back after my trial. I lost close to $300k in wages, ads, freelance assignments and revenues. My travel docs also seized and tied to my job. I have run out of money. Flights back and forth to #PortHarcourt trial, hotel, transportation to court is why I set up a post for legal expenses. Another one is going up today on #GoFundMe Thanks to all those who sent me money so far. I appreciate you all. The love and support is overwhelming. S/O to my sister @IbinaboFiberisima who visited me in prison with lots of food, provisions and cash in April 2017. Thank you dear for sending me even more money on Monday the day I left. She truly surprised me. That has gone to the legal fund. To @georginaonuoha who we fought each other vigorously, it is well. I read your appeal to #AsoRock to release me. May God protect you and your lovely girls. No curse will befall them. I no longer place curses on people's heads. GOD FORBID. I love you allGoodbye PH"
Nice one Kemi...my own is that scarf on her head. Did she have to tie that? 

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