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Nigerian man sends wife packing because she moaned too loudly while robbers raped her

A man in Lagos has sent his wife packing after she moaned out loud and sweetly while armed robbers raped her in his presence.

According to DailyPost,  the incident happened in Iyana Ejigbo area of Lagos State. Heavily armed gunmen had stormed the house of the man identified as Baba Eneh around 3am, demanding for money. The man who is a native of Owukpa in Ogbadibo LGA of Benue state, told them he had only N3, 500 at home.

The thieves infuriated by his lack of cash at home decided to rape his wife. Baba Eneh, a road transporter couldn't stand it. He pleaded with them to leave his wife as they had just gotten married and were trying to settle down.
Trouble started after the woman who should have been screaming for help started moaning in excitement during the rape.
“Instead of her to cry for help, she was busy making some funny sounds, an indication that she was enjoying the sex, even in the presence of her husband,” a source said.

After the incident, the man ordered her out of their home, saying she disgraced  him.

The source said it is against the gods of Owukpa for a married woman to have sex with another man. The man who was obviously afraid of dying told his wife to return to their village for cleansing.

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