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Nigerian lawmakers propose 6 months jail term for people who jump queues

Okay...just so y'all who can't seem to stay in queues know that a bill proposing six months imprisonment for persons who distort queues in public places has just scaled the second reading at the House of Representatives.
I guess a lot of us are guilty of this. We get impatient at all times and when we are at the receiving end, we shout and cry. Don't be confused, I am referring to myself. Lol!
I Remember going to Wema Bank sometime ago to send some money to someone, and had queue for a really long time. I was in a hurry but had to do the transaction since it was very important. When it was nearing my turn, some dude just walked in and rather than queue, stood at the counter and after a couple of minutes the cashier took his cheque and made to pay him.
Mehnnnn... dunno if it was because it was that time of the month and my body was doing me somehow or because I was just envious of the guy who just strolled in and was being attended to, but whatever it was, made me rant that day. Lol... I'm not gonna write the things I said to the cashiers but know this, I said some annoying things and even told them I hated the colour of their bank. Lol! In the end, they quickly attended to me, pretended to be nice, and managed an apology or two. I eyed the queue jumper (is there even a word like that?) when he was leaving, He looked responsible but didn't act responsible.
I finished and left, but my conscience kept reminding me of the few times I happily jumped queues. Then it dawned on me I was guilty of same. These days, I try to do the right thing by waiting for my turn. This bill is not a bad idea but why do I think it is quite trivial at this time?
Our Representatives need to be more creative or do I say clever.

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