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Nigerian famous attention seekers Uche Maduagwu and Bobrisky blasts each other on Instagram

This so hilarious...one media whore calling out another. Choi.! Attention seeking Nollywood actor Uche Maduagwu decided to troll attention seeking Nigerian cross-dresser Bobrisky on social media.

He took to Instagram to advise the famous cross-dresser to stop frightening kids with his 'incredible looks'. Uche said his niece saw a photo of Bobrisky on TV and has been crying since then.

Uche wrote:

Stop frightening our kids with your "incredible" looks @bobrisky222am sorry bro, you know i always defend you? but i can't take this anymore, you just scared the hell out of my elder sisters kid with your looks, please its high time you stop this, the poor girl woke up to see your pics on television, đŸ“șand she started crying😭, I've never seen her cry like this before, brother, please stop all this, its not getting funny anymore, please go back to your natural look, stop giving our kids unnecessary nightmares...we can't be casting and binding recession away from Nigeria and at the same time dealing with this... Am not trying to pull you down, but its just a candid advice from a brother. Don't take it the wrong way...

Bobrisky then responded slamming him:

Everybody know u are an idiot. When I mean real idiot that is wat u are. Keep looking for cheap attention bye idiot.

Uche Maduagwu fired back... 

The truth is always bitter... But you seriously need to stop trying hard, your a man and not a girl, stop faking it, nobody dey feel you. I pray for you everyday, maybe you should join the hallelujah challenge, there is nothing God can't do.

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