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Members lock South African pastor out of his church for some funny reasons (photo)

Pastor Ephraim Tsotetsi

Ephraim Tsotetsi, the pastor of  St Matthias Anglican Church, South African church has reportedly been locked out of his church, because of his old fashioned way of running the church.

According to Daily SUN SA, a fight has been brewing between two groups in the church for some time.
Some members want to spice up the Anglican hymns they sing, while others, including the pastor, don’t want change. But on Sunday, new battle lines were drawn when pastor Ephraim Tsotetsi (60) was locked out of his church. This came after the preacher apparently angered his opponents when he prayed hard and loudly recently, calling on the Holy Spirit to descend from heaven and cast away the evil spirits prevailing in his church.

 When the team from Daily Sun drove past St Matthias Anglican Church in Etwatwa, Ekurhuleni on Sunday, pastor Ephraim was standing outside the church, singing and reading from his Bible.

 “I’m being kicked out and yet I’m a member of the church,” the fuming pastor told Daily Sun. “Some church members don’t want to stick to the traditional way of running the church and this has caused fights. Because I’m here already, I will continue with my service outside the church.” Pastor Ephraim said he didn’t like what was going on. “I often pray to God to forgive and heal those who are bringing the house of the Lord into disrepute. We fight over petty things.” Residents who were passing by were shocked to see the pastor locked out of church. “I don’t know why these people can’t come together and praise God. Last week, cops had to come to bring order to the church. This is so wrong,” said a resident. One church member said some congregants wanted to change the tradition of the church. “They want to change the traditional way of singing hymns and turn them into choruses. “But we are not a charismatic church. Those who feel that our way of singing is boring should go to a charismatic church and leave us to our way of doing things.”

 Other church members told Daily Sun there was nothing wrong with spicing things up.

Credit: DailySun

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