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Married father of five gets stuck inside his sister-inlaw's vagina during sex (video)

Video of a cheating father of 5 stuck in the vagina of his wife's younger sister during sex has gone viral.

According to The Star, the incident happened at Nakuru lodge in Kenya (it is always in Kenya). The 55-year-old man had told his wife, Margaret Nabwire, he was going out of town for business. He took his lover who unfortunately was his wife's sister to a lodge for a fun time.
In the video, the two cheating lovebirds are seen crying frantically. Police officers arrive and take the cheaters to a native doctors house with a large crowd following.
The unnamed man's wife who is also the mother of his 5 kids is seen wailing uncontrollably. She confessed to seeking the help of a witchdoctor to nab her husband whom she accused of being adulterous. She said, she paid the native doctor Sh40,000 for assistance.

The native doctor later does some incantation in an attempt to separate them. It is not known if she succeeded. 

Watch the really entertaining video below:

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