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South African man who raped his 11-year-old daughter repeatedly gives shocking reason why he did it (photo)

Rapist in red

A South African man who had sex with his 11-year-old daughter has given his reasons for doing so. 

The 41-year-old unnamed man, constantly raped his daughter and was only caught after women in his village, saw his daughter with a bulging tummy and questioned her. She opened up about her dad forcing himself on her every night for several months. 

According to Daily Sun SA, angry residents stormed the man's home but he was lucky to have escaped. He was arrested while trying to flee his home in Dark City extension outside Thulamahashe, Mpumalanga on Sunday.
He appeared in the Mhala Magistrates Court on Monday and was kept in custody.  When asked why he raped his child, the wicked father said, he did so because his culture forces him. 

“Yes, I had sex with my 11-year-old daughter because my culture compels me to do so!”
“Before she gets married or has a relationship with anyone, my culture compels me to be the one she sleeps with first,” he said.
The girl’s stepmum (40) said her husband would leave the bedroom to watch TV, even at midnight!
She revealed she often found him in the sitting-room with the girl sitting on his thighs.

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