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Man shares photos of beautiful baby born with her intestine outside her body (graphic photos)

 A Facebook user has shared photos of a baby born with her large intestine outside her stomach.

 Isa Aisami a medical laboratory technician in Yobe State, says the newborn girl was born with Gastroschisis, a birth defect were an opening forms in the abdominal wall of a baby's body. The baby's intestine pushes through the hole then develops in the amniotic fluid.

Isa who said the baby was being prepped for transfer wrote:

"This is a baby girl born early hour of today 30/6/2017 with congenital defect(Gastroschisis) her large intestine expose through umblicus in general hospital Geidam Yobe state now preparing to refer to the referral hospital."

See more photos below:

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