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"Leave you wife, worship me" - Human sex doll tells married men

Victoria Wild, a glamour model who spent £30,000 transforming herself into a 'human sex doll' has urged married men to ditch their wives for her. Funny isn't it?

The 30 year old ' barbie' urged married men to worship her as she posted a new selfie she captioned, "Leave your wife, worship me!"

The busty Latvian, who claims to have some of the biggest boobs in Europe, appears to have had more work done on her already full lips.

According to Daily Mirror,  the self-proclaimed "real-life Barbie doll" splashed £25,000 on three breast augmentations - taking her up to a huge 32G cup size. 

When she was 25, she met her boyfriend, who she named only as Simon, an Italian businessman, who encouraged her dreams of looking like a sex doll.

Wild added:
"Simon is a successful businessman and he loves the bombshell, plastic look too. He offered to help me financially with the surgery and motivated me to achieve my goal.
"Simon loves my sex doll look. I'm a bombshell now. People look at me in the street and men absolutely adore me. Simon's so proud of the attention I get." "Who wouldn't want to be treated like a bimbo doll? It's such a sexy look. People stare at me in the street and I love the way I stand out.

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