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Kenyan man tries to cut off his penis after wife calls him 'useless' man

An aggrieved man attempted to cut off his manhood in Emmuri village in Luanda constituency, Vihiga County,  Kenya, after his wife, whom he accused of adultery called him “useless” between the sheets.
According to SDE,  It all began when the man returned home, after he had disappeared for three days, to a sulking wife. He is reported to have developed the habit of switching off his phone and vanishing, only to resurface days later — and would never want his whereabouts questioned. 
This annoyed his wife, and is believed to be the reason why she had allegedly become adulterous. On this particular day, he returned and when his wife demanded to know where he had been, he refused to answer.
That night, when he attempted to make love to his wife, she resisted, and when he insisted, she flung herself out of the bedroom in protest, yelling obscenities and calling him names, among them, a useless man who couldn't satisfy her in bed. 
Since then, she denied him conjugal rights. With his ego bruised, the man turned hostile to her, and a fight ensued both verbally and, at times, physically — at the slightest provocation.

“We always hear them quarrelling at night. The man is always heard whining about how his conjugal rights are being violated. Most recently, he was overheard complaining that, if his wife continues denying him (access to the cookie jar), he will cut off his manhood,” a neighbour in the know revealed.
The neighbour identified as Matikho confirmed that the adamant woman refused and told the man off, telling him that he no longer had any conjugal rights. 
“That evening, they had a heated argument that degenerated into a scuffle.

"The man locked himself in the bedroom then he tried to chop off his manhood because his wife had proclaimed it was ineffective.”

 Matikho, was among those who transported the embattled man to a mission hospital in Luanda. 

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