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'I got married in Port Harcourt Prison' - Kemi Olunloyo shares more stories from her time in jail

Kemi Olunloyo went to prison a single woman but returned a married woman. The controversial Nigerian journalist took to Instagram to reveal she is now a married woman. Kemi says she got married while incarcerated at the Port Harcourt Maximum Prison.

 The political activist who was remanded in custody for defamation against Port Harcourt based preacher David ibiyeomie detailed more about her life in prison in the short story she wrote.

Read it below:

"I GOT MARRIED LIKE I PROMISED TO IN 2017. Yes I got MARRIED to someone in prison. This is my FIRST SUNDAY away from #PHMax prison. I lean towards Catholism and Islam which I grew up in and attended the Catholic church inside the prison. There are up to 4 churches and a mosque in there plus the Pentecostal churches that visits inmates weekly and bring us the word of God and provisions. I became a "bible reader". The same bible I ripped in 2016 as being a "storybook" of fiction may have been real. I studied what the prophets of old said. It seems unreal but these things likely happened....But why are we commercializing religion and brainwashing the congregation? I will become a Woman of God very soon and use my prophetic abilities and bible story knowledge to apply wisdom to your lives. Prison always make all inmates spiritual...right? ...Hell No! Jesus shows up in the most expected places. Unlike the enemies of the #freethesheeple movement who are so Christ obsessed? I did not find #Jesus. He found me! Jesus is my first and new HUSBAND! I have never been married or divorced in my entire life. This will be an everlasting relationship.
Say Alleluia! May God forgive your sins too! Dont be obsessed with religion. Minimize!
#HAPPYSUNDAY to all of you and my former inmates. My seat in the front row near our Catholic female leader and 76yo #MamaOwerri will be empty today as Father tells the church about my release last week. "

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