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Femi Fani Kayode the new Bobrisky: Wife severely punishes him for missing dinner

Femi Fani Kayode may be a badass politician, kicking the Presidency's ass with his essays but at home, Mr. Kayode is not as badass as you all would expect him to be.

He shared a hilarious photo on Instagram showing the punishment that was meted to him for showing up to dinner late.

His fiancee (dunno if they are married yet) Precious Chikwendu gave the former Minister a makeover as punishment for his misdemeanour.
'A dash of Madame's lipstick on my lips for the rest of the evening,' he started his short story. He further explained what he did to deserve that kind of harsh punishment. Me thinks he didn't get enough...Madame should have shaved his brows well, then contoured his face plus a a few inches of eyelashes. He deserves that! What manner of man misses dinner?

 Here's how Oga Kayode narrated his ordeal:

"A dash of Madame's lipstick on my lips for the rest of the evening! That is the cruel and unjust punishment that was meted out to me by her simply for being late for dinner.

"We men go through hell! We are being subjected to the worst atrocities and the most profoundly gross violation of our human rights! And don't you dare laugh!!! I may have to write about this in my next essay."

Guess it's okay to say FFK is now the new Bobrisky!

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