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Fans accuse bootylicious Oge Okoye of wearing a butt pad... she reacts

Fans have once again decided to troll Oge Okoye. But this time, it's not because she stole a dog picture. Her fans and her haters are trolling her because she shared a beautiful picture of her well rounded booty.

Earlier today, the Nigerian actress shared a photo of herself on Instagram with a slightly bigger bum. Her followers assumed she wore a butt pad so they came for her. Oge fired back, saying what she had on, was a see-through leggings not a butt pad.

"How Gullible Can peeps be? Or will I say funny??😀😅 Differentiate the Skin from the ButtPad😄 It's just a See-Thru Leggings @nextofficial&My feet popping in that comfii furriflipflops @vonneofficiel  #NaturalsRock👌🏽😋"

People still don't believe her though, they think she tells lies a lot.

Recall that months ago, Oge was busted for stealing a photo of Hollywood star Kenya Moore's dogs and claiming they were hers... Ouch!

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