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Facebook user shames 'well-dressed' man who stole her phone while pretending to shop (photo)

Take a look at the well-dressed man pictured above, people are alleging he is a thief. They say his mode of operation is unconventional. He allegedly gets your number, pretends he wants to patronise you and when you are distracted, he makes away with your goods or phone or whatever he lays his hands on.  

One of his victims took to Facebook to shame him.

Rose Benjamin, an internet marketer says the man identified as Francis Eduok found her contact on Facebook, called her up, pretending he wanted to buy a Longrich product. After the meeting, he asked to use her cellphone, which she willingly gave to him. He pretended he wanted to call his driver then absconded with it.

Read her story below:

"This man here by name Francis Eduok messaged me that he wants to buy Longrich products which i do advertise here and will contact me anytime he is in PH, i agreed and gave him my contact.
On Sunday he called me up that he is in PH and requested to meet me to buy the products, i couldn't see him because i was in church when he called so i agreed to meet him on Monday.
He called up again on Monday and told me to meet him with the products at Orasi which i agreed, i had confidence in him because he is from Akwa ibom and we were speaking our language.
I met him at an eatery, showed him the products i had and others on my phone, he agreed to buy 3 which i did not have with me and told me that he wants to call his driver to come pick him to go and withdraw money from the nearest ATM and give to me so i can get them for him, i agreed and he suddenly complained that his phone was about to go off, that i should dial the number on my phone which i ignorantly did.
He collected my phone and stepped out to call the person, when i followed him he entered where i couldn't locate and went away, switched off my phone and came here to block me.
I know that my phone is gone but am posting this to save others from falling victims because he shares more than 100 mutual friends with me here.
This is his number: 08133942745."

Some of his other victims also shared their stories, confirming stealing is his hobby. 

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