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Disabled woman trapped in a bank after staff forgot she was there

Cat Slater, a disabled woman was unfortunately locked inside a bank after staff forgot she was there.

55-year-old Slater, was using a phone to call TSB's customer service line in her local branch when suddenly all of the lights went out and she found herself alone.

According to Manchester Evening News, Slater left the private room to see what was going on, but she was met with blaring alarms - and no way of getting out.

she rang 999 immediately and told police she was trapped inside the building in Irlam, Salford, .

Officers then started contacting key holders. The eventually got one who arrived to let Cat out as her friend comforted her through the window.

 The mum-of-two, told Manchester Evening News:
: “I’ve been in some situations in my time, but this was ridiculous.I asked if I could use the phone and I was sat in this little office.
“I was on the phone for a while and was being put on hold and passed around. Then I realised all the lights had gone out.
“That’s when I thought ‘I’m in trouble here.’ They must have just forgotten about me.”I don’t think the police believed me at first,” she said.
“It felt like a really long time. The alarms were really loud and I didn’t dare touch anything.
“Later a woman came and was really apologetic. She just said sorry asked me if I was okay.
“I was a bit shaken up and unnerved by it all. I can see the funny side, but it shouldn’t have happened.
“I can’t believe staff don’t check the premises before they lock up.
“It’s a lapse in health and safety, but also security for them. I could have been anyone.”

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