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Curvy Kenyan woman dressed in short skirt is mobbed by an angry crowd (video)

A curvy woman dressed in short skirt was assaulted by an irate mob, who also tried to undress her publicly.  According to the angry crowd, the woman was skimpily dressed and needed to be taught a lesson.  

They claimed her skirt was too short, and that she was exposing much more than they needed to see. 

This reportedly happened in Kenya. The rowdy crowd that consisted mostly of men, claimed her monochrome skirt  was too short hence their reasons for attempting to strip the visibly shaken woman naked.

They reportedly said that the unnamed woman had exposed too much. 

The drama got so bad, police officers had to be invited to immediately rescue the woman. She was then taken to a safe place. 

A similar incident happened in Nigeria some days ago. A group of angry Muslim fanatics reportedly tried to strip a woman naked at the popular Wuse Market in Abuja, because she dared to wear a short dress during Ramadan. 

See the video below :

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