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Abortion is not a sin, not all babies are blessings... Nigerian woman tells her Facebook friends

Oh well each to their own. A Nigerian lady is currently trending on social media after she wrote down her thoughts on abortion. Oluchi Anne, a sex blogger didn't mince words at all when she said abortion is not a sin and babies are not always a blessing.  See her message below, and please do tell if you share in her school of thought.

"Abortion is not a sin

Don’t ask me for advice on what to do with your unwanted pregnancy because I will tell you to go for a D&C. You see, I am not going to be amongst the women who tell you to keep a baby you are not psychologically or emotionally prepared for.
I do not believe the whole hogwash story that once the baby is born, he will end up being a blessing. Neither do I believe in the bullshit theory that once you hold the baby in your hands, you will be enveloped with so much love.
African people has made it a point of duty to tell anyone seeking help for their unwanted pregnancies that, they should keep the baby. Why? Because they assume abortion is a sin đŸ˜‚
Until people start allowing others make choices that are better for them, we will continue to hear stories of women who abadoned their babies in cartons and single mothers lying about having children just to get married.
See, those women who dump their children should not be called wicked because someone directly or indirectly advised them to keep a pregnancy they Didn’t want.
Once they had the baby, the people who gave them such stupid advise left to live their lives and reality hit them. I can assume that once they held the baby in their hands, they didn’t feel that love people spoke off and all they felt was regret and disdain.
Every unborn child deserves a mother who is psychologically ready for him/her. It is unfair to the unborn child to say abortion is a sin. Not every woman deserves to be mother so stop forcing it on every woman you see."

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