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87 children and 20 pregnant students show up at Ugandan professors' funeral claiming they belong to him

some of Professor Mukiibi's children

A minor drama ensued at the funeral of a Ugandan professor, Lawrence Mukiibi after 87 children he fathered were brought to the burial. 20 pregnant students also came forward claiming the professor impregnated them. 

Heads of schools, secretaries, teachers, cooks and students all came out claiming to be the children of the late school proprietor. 

Lawrence, a proprietor at St. Lawrence Schools passed away on May 29, 2017 and 53 out of his 87 children have already been confirmed as his, the rest are yet to go for DNA testing. 

Despite his many 'sins', Mukiibi reportedly sought a priest before his death. He repented of his sins and received the sacrament of anointing of the sick, according to a Catholic priest. 

An officer in charge of Kampala Metropolitan East, Keti Nandi asked the family to tolerate and continue to take care of the expectant mothers who claim he was responsible. 

***Some stories leave you speechless, this is one of them. This professor was the real MVP***

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