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"You Are The Very Air I Breath...Even Th Kids Know Daddy Loves Mummy" - Mercy Johnson

Ok...Mercy Johnson is definitely feeling some type of way tonight. The actress is on Instagram saying some nice words to her husband Prince Odi. She uploaded a video of her 'shy' husband then wrote:

"Odi ur so oooo shy but:
I Love d way u pick Angel at night and drop her in her crib each time I put her in the middle of the bed as an obstacle cus am upset.I love the way u whisper in her ears,saying"Angel go to ur crib and don't put Asunder 😅
I love d way u increase the AC ,Snatch the blanket and 30mins later you grab me and say"u too vex,aren't you Cold?🤔
I love the way you say,I play too much.
I love d way you chastise me after cooking by saying"my love salt pass this food but e sweet"😋
I can go on and on
Thank you baby,the kids go to bed Happy and wake up smiling.even they know, that Daddy loves Mummy.
Ur birthday is close and I don't know what to say or how to show that you are the Very Air I breath.
No one has an assurance of Happily ever after but I beg God to please Help me and lets stay this way forever.
Pray for me Friend cus with Him is where I would rather be.
#hubbysbirthdayloading#thankyoulord you lord#papapurity#"

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