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Ugandan woman nurtures snake she gave birth to (photo)

A woman in Uganda is living with a 30-foot-long Python she claims to have birthed.
The woman identified as Nalongo got pregnant with twins in 2007 and put to birth shortly after her husband died. 
She gave birth to two babies, one a girl and the other a tiny python. The woman claims that the snake is her son who lives in the body of the reptile and true to her claims, she has lived with the Python for the last nine years. 
Unfortunately, she couldn’t take her strange baby to school so she resorted to staying at home with it, nursing, feeding and tending to it. 
Her neighbours and family abandoned her but she held on to her reptile child.  Nalongo was recently reported to the wildlife department and officers raided her home and almost took the Python away. She managed to convince them that she is the only one who knows how to feed the python which has grown huge in size. She refused to let her child live with animals in the forest.
Nalongo now claims men run away from her, once they learn that she gave birth to a snake. She has appealed to well-wishers to help her because, she is struggling to feed the Python which gulps around 40 chicken eggs daily.

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