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Trump The Bully...shoves PM of Montenegro aside to find his place at the centre of a NATO group photo (video)

US president Donald Trump is once again trending for the wrong reasons (not like he is not used to that anyway).
This time, Trump reportedly shoved the Prime Minister of Montenegro aside as he made his way to his spot in front for a group photo with world leaders.

Trump who is in Belgium with 27 other world leaders for NATO summit nonchalantly shoved Dusko Markovic off his way. He literally put his hand on Markovic's upper arm and shoved him aside, then kept a straight look on his face like it was nothing.

Luckily, Markovic didnt see it to be a big deal, he told reporters the situation was a harmless one. He said:

 'It didn't really register. I just saw reactions about it on social networks. 'It is simply a harmless situation.'
Watch the video below:

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