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Navy And Police Clash: Aftermath of Police and Navy clash in Calabar, 3 Police officers dead (photos)

Yesterday we brought you news about the heavy gunfire in Calabar following a clash between the Nigerian Navy and Police officers in the state. This morning, the real reasons for the clash which saw at least 3 Police officers dead has been revealed.

According to reports, a policeman had stopped a Naval officer for running a red light at Akim Barracks area. An altercation ensued and the police officer reportedly shot the Naval guy.

Naval officers immediately regrouped and the outcome was the severe gun battle that lasted for hours in the very peaceful city of Calabar.

The Naval personnel set Akim Police Station, along IBB way and a traffic stand at Diamond Hill ablaze.
We are yet to confirm if the number of casualties at the police station.  I'm particularly worried about the suspects locked up in the cells. Was someone kind enough to let them out, or did they die in the fire?

We all know our Police officers sometimes arrest random people, lock them up just to make money from bails. What if there were such people in there last night. Really sad!

 See more photos below:

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