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Daily affirmation 30th May!!

I affirm that all authority in heaven and on earth, and even beneath the earth has been given unto me because I function in the place of Jesus here on earth. Though I live in this world, I am conscious that I am not of this world. I am from above: and he that is from above is above all. I am above the corruptive influence and the negative forces of this world. I am an ambassador of the kingdom of God and a member of the body of Christ here on earth. Christ is alive in me; therefore, whatever I do or say here on earth is backed up by heaven! Even as I speak now, angels are dispatched on my behalf. Hallelujah! The name of Jesus has been given unto me to live by, and that name is working mightily for me. It is producing great results in every area of my life and in my world. The name of Jesus is named upon me and there's no devil or demons that can successfully stand against me. Life situations and circumstances are bowing down at the mention of that name Jesus. Glory to God.

Good morning. God bless you big
( Credit : Affirmation Train )

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