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Couple filmed walking on guests at their wedding ceremony (photo)

Shocking photos and video have emerged of a bride and groom walking on their wedding guest at their wedding. The video has been trending all day. Internet users were left in a shock after the footage which was reportedly filmed at an unknown location went viral. 
In the footage, the couple are seen carefully stepping on their wedding guests aided by their family members. According to reports the act was done in a bid to honour tradition. 
This is not different from what that weird South African pastor does to his church members. I can bet these people are from South Africa or Zimbabwe. Lol!

walking on  photos from a viral footage showing a couple climbing on their guests at their wedding ceremony were posted
In the viral video, the wedding guests were made to lay on the ground as the newlywed couple climbed on them aided by their family members, in a bid to honour tradition, the location of the wedding could not be ascertained at the moment. See photos below;

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