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Weird News: Chinese Man breaks world record after he tows a helicopter with his penis

A Kung Fu master has broken records by towing  a helicopter with his penis.
A few hundred individuals and official adjudicators gathered to watch Ye Hongwei, who passes by the stage name "Ye Wei",  tow the substantial military helicopter with a rope tied around his privates. 
Footage of the unimaginable feat shows him faltering at the beginning, unable to get force to the get the wheels moving but, Ye Wei somehow summoned courage to pull the helicopter more than 10 meters (32 feet 9 inches) – beating his proposed focus of 8 meters (26 feet 3 inches). 
He was then handed his certificate by officials of World Record Academy. 
Speaking after his record breaking feat, Ye Wei said:
“I don’t know why I struggled in the beginning. I felt a bit nervous and unsure.
“But I mustered up the energy needed and started the helicopter moving.
 “I will continue practicing so I can break new records in the future,” he added proudly.
In April, Ye Wei and his manhood  towed seven Audis weighing 12.6 tons, he dragged the vehicles for an aggregate of 8 meters (26 feet 3 inches). 
That endeavor broke his past record of pulling five autos.

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