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Brave woman jumps onto bonnet of her car to stop carjackers from stealing it (video)

A security camera has captured the fierce moment a woman jumped onto the bonnet of her SUV to stop a carjacking.
The footage shows 28-year-old Melissa Smith pumping gas into her car, when two men drove up next to her and attempted to steal the car. 

The incident happened on Tuesday, May 25 in Milwauke, Wisconsin. 
In the footage, Smith is seen leaping onto the bonnet of the car and banging the windshield bravely in an attempt to stop the thieves from getting away with her car.

The thief eventually gives up and flee, Smith then jumps down from the moving vehicle, jump into it and put on its brake just in time. 

This babe has to be the bravest girl ever. I need to to learn a thing or two from her. 

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