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Baby Emerges From Womb With His Mother's Contraceptive Coil In Hand

A woman who had a coil inserted for contraceptive purposes has put to birth. Interestingly, the baby emerged holding the piece of of plastic and copper device in his hand.

Lucy Hellien, from Alabama, shared a photo of baby Dexter on her Facebook page to prove that birth control methods can fail.
In the incredible image, baby Dexter is all pink and squishy, his bloody hair evidence that he's only just emerged from the womb. But what's that in his hand, is his mum's coil which was meant to stop him from ever existing.

 Lucy revealed how she and her partner had chosen to be responsible and get a 'Mirena' fitted so they didn't get pregnant - but then she found out she was expecting.

 Mirena is a brand of intrauterine device which releases a hormone that stops the woman conceiving but in this case it didn't work. According to the NHS, IUDs should be more than 99% effective.

Dexter was born via a scheduled C-section on April 27, a week before his due date and doctors had planned to find Lucy's IUD behind her placenta during the procedure.

 The mum also had her fallopian tubes removed after her son was born as a failsafe way of ensuring she doesn't get pregnant again, saying she "shut down the baby factory". Dexter weighed a healthy 9lbs 1oz when he was born, one week before his due date, and measured 21.5inches in length.

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