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Who Wants To Buy Breast Milk? Woman With Big Boobs Is Trying To Sell Some Breast Milk Online!

A breastfeeding mom with abundance supply of breast milk has listed her breast milk online, hoping for possible buyers.  

The anonymous mom who posted the weird listing on Friday, explained she had already donated her milk to a local milk bank. 
Sunshine Coast Daily,  reported she wrote.

"Just seeing if there is any interest in buying breast milk?," I have an over-supply. And I've donated heaps.
"I know body-builders are supposed to go nuts for it because of how quickly you can bulk on it.
"Anything else you want to do with it is totally up to you."there are no other services offered! And sorry but no you can't get it direct from the source!
"The milk will be delivered (or picked up) in 250ml bags.I was thinking twenty bucks per bag (enough for me to buy more bags)."I am good looking, late 20's, big boobs (at the moment anyway)."Again, not sure if I'm selling yet but wanted to know if there would be a market. Thanks."

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