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United Airlines Forcefully Throw Out Elderly Passenger Who Wouldn't Give Up His Seat...Why Can't People Boycott Them?

Videos of an elderly Doctor being thrown off a United Airlines flight because he refused to give up his seat has gone viral.
According to stories making the rounds, United Airlines had overbooked their fight from Chicago to Louisville and needed four people to volunteer their seats.
The elderly man refused and security was called to manhandle the man.

 The disturbing footage shows the man was left bleeding from the mouth after his face was smashed against an arm rest during the incident.

 Recall that last month, United Airlines refused to let some female passengers wearing leggings board their flight. That act generated a lot of frenzy online. The person who filmed the footage tweeted: "Not a good way to treat a doctor trying to get to work because they overbooked."

 Watch the video below:

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