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Meet The Nigerian Girl Who Wants To Sell Her Virginity For 600, 000 Naira

Who wants to buy virginity?? An unidentified Nigerian girl is currently trending on Instagram after she requested to sell her virginity through a popular Instagram relationship handle, Break or Makeup.
According to the lady who seems confident, she is a beautiful girl with 'standing boobs' 'moderate ass' and a 'very tight' P... she says she is ready to lose her virginity, at a cost. The asking price is 600 thousand Naira for the first round then an additional round would cost N200,000.
See her advert below: 
"I am still a virgin,but I want to break it this year.
I don't want to give it free of charge,but I want to sell it,I will put it up for 600k only,if you are interested in having my body fresh,pls contact the admin and they will contact me directly. I have a standing boobs,moderate ass and still a very tight virgin. The 600k is for just one round,which is just for breaking the virginity,if you must go another round,I will collect 200k. Don't call me a prostitute,I am not. I just want to place a price for my pride,instead of giving it free to a man who will not value it. But if you want a serious relationship,it has to be marriage at first sight. Thanks ."

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