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Man Makes Cuban Wine Using Condoms (Photos)

A Havana family who produces wine has revealed they use an unusual product to help ferment their product.

Orestes Estevez and his family fill glass jugs with grapes, ginger and hibiscus, before slipping a condom over each glass jug.

According to  New York Post, the unusual production process at the Cuba’s ‘El Canal’ winery has produced thousands of gallons of wine. 

Orestes, 65, has been in the winemaking business since 2000, when communist Cuba began to allow private enterprise. He produces the wine by adding tropical fruits and vegetables to Cuban grapes then caps the bottles with condoms, which slowly inflate as the fruity mix ferments and gasses as produced.

When the fermentation is complete, the condom stops inflating and collapses.
This means the wine is ready for bottling.
He said: ‘Putting a condom on a bottle is just like with a man.
‘It stands up, the wine is ready, and then the process is completed.’
It takes between a month and 45 days to produce a jar of wine at ‘El Canal’ and around 50 bottles are sold each day.

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