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Laura Ikeji Quits Then Return To Instagram After Blogger Called Her Out For Staying With Sister Linda Ikeji After Her Wedding

Linda Ikeji's younger sister Laura who announced she was running away from Instagram after a blogger said she still lived in her sister's house after marriage has shared a picture of her own house on Instagram. Klannyblog had written:

"Laura Ikeji ,The sister to Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji , has refused to move into her husband's house , rather she still stays at her sister house in banana island ...And sometimes her husband spends days at Linda ikeji's house .. Does it mean that the footballer ogbona Kanu doesn't have his own house or he doesn't want his wife to move in with him ...??? Or are they waiting till after the baby is born or after their wedding ??"

Laura announced shortly after the post that she was leaving Instagram then returned after a couple of hours to say she was joking. 

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