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Kenyan Man Shames Lady Who Stole His Laptop, Money And Wallet After Spending The Night With Him (Photo)

A Kenyan man has taken to Facebook to shame a woman who allegedly stole his money, laptop and wallet after he took her home to spend 3 nights at his place.

According to the narrator, the girl, Janet Gathoni (pictured above) created a fake profile on Facebook,  then warmed her way into the heart of the victim. The victim identified as Daniel Otike invited her to spend the weekend at his place. The next day, the pretty little thief stole his belongings after he left home to attend an emergency meeting. Read his story below:

"Janet Gathoni whose photo appears below has been taking advantage of "sex starved men" to milk them their hard earned money online. Her latest victim being Daniel Otike. They met one month ago according to the victim. She then started confusing the poor man's brain with sugarcoated fake love messages claiming how she was "ready" to be his forever. Last week on Friday, she visited the man's place promising to take 3 days there. Unfortunately, the dude became naive by over trusting her and ended up leaving her in the house on Saturday morning while attending an emergency in town only for him to come and found no cash (ksh.15,300) he had in the house, no laptop, no wallet with his ID and of course no Janet Gathoni in the house. To make the matter even complicated, the lady has been claiming she doesn't have a phone so all their conversation was through facebook messenger meaning tracking her is another nightmare! Her Facebook account is now deactivated. Anyone having any information about the "smart thief" to help our brother. Although this is her real photo according to the victim, I personally doubt if the account was even genuine. It must be a "business" account Lol!"

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