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"I Have Been Drinking My wife's Urine For 2 Years'' - Man Confesses

I know it's wrong to laugh at people's misery, but this particular story made me laugh real hard. A man has written to relationship blog Break or Make, confessing to drinking his wife's urine for 2 whole years in a bid to get rich. Read his story below:

"I want to kill my pastor for fooling for 2 years .I must confess,I have been very stupid and foolish,I slap my self every morning for being such a fool .Do you know I have been drinking my wives urine for 2 years now because I want to be rich and work in an oil company. My pastor told me not to touch my wife but drink her urine every morning and wait for God to embarrass me with wealth,I told wife and we both agreed,even went to thank the pastor with the little small money we did not have,I have not had sex with my wife for 2years,I just drink her urine and pray more like holy water,little did I know my wife was sleeping with my pastor and that was the means he used in stopping me from touching her. No wonder when she took in I was surprised but was brain washed by our pastor that the holy spirit is at work with the connection of my wives urine she can get pregnant. I was really a big fool.I found out last month when the pastors wife caught them pant down in her house ,it was as if something fell off my eyes . I am Still coming out of the shock, so I decided to share . Guys be very careful with these pastors and your wives . I Still look at the mirror and laugh ,me myself drank a woman's urine for years. GOD PUNISH POVERTY,BECAUSE IT AFFECTS YOUR MENTALITY ."

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