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"I Almost Committed Suicide Julius Agwu Speaks On Brian Surgery

Nigerian comedian Julius Agwu who has been battling with brain tumour for a while now has for the first time ever, recounted his ordeal with the tumour.

Recall that the 43-year-old discovered that he had three tumors in his brain with one of them the size of a golf ball, after a trip to an American hospital in 2015/ 2016. With the help of some 
amazing doctors at the Park Plaza Hospital, Houston, America, Julius Agwu had a successful brain surgery, but suffered a breakdown from stress last year. He spoke to Inspaya TV about his travails. He said:

“All i remember was I woke up in the hospital and heard the story of my being in coma. I lost my memory.” he said.
Julius Agwu also opened up on the fact that he almost committed suicide and was already trying to put things in place for his wife in the worst case scenario of his demise.
“I started looking for my property documents to give to my wife. One day when they were not home, I almost committed suicide.” 

Watch the Interview below:

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