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Face Of Evil: This Woman Was Caught Rubbing A Bride's Stomach At Her Wedding (Video)

This video of a woman rubbing the stomach of a bride on the day of her traditional marriage has gone viral. In the shocking video which is currently trending, a woman walks up to a dancing couple, tactically touch the bride on the stomach then proceeds to rub it for a second or two. She walks away after accomplishing her mission. The bride appears to notice but dances on unbothered.

After the video trended online, a social media user shared a message saying he knows the couple. He then reveals they have been married for two years without an issue.

'They were married for 2years with no kids. The couple's friend randomly saw this video he recorded 2yrs ago at their wedding. They apparently confronted the woman and she confessed to doing something diabolic to her to cause her to not have kids! May God help us!!! Such a wicked world!!! Do we now add diabolical/fetish/juju as one of the Infertility causes! May God help us o!'

Watch the video below:

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