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Diary Of Kokomma The Calabar Girl: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Years ago, 2001/2002 precisely. I had just written my Senior School Certificate Exam (SSCE) and was undergoing computer training. I met this cool, very handsome guy in church, and before long, we had started doing puppy love.

We were so into each other, we would exchange love letters that I slept with under my pillow.
On this particular day, we met at our usual hangout, Mr Biggs.

He suggested I should come know his house so I could meet his siblings. I was totally absorbed with self importance and worth, "see big girl naah." Lmao! After we agreed on the date, I started preparing. I made a new hairstyle, washed my favorite skirt and top (Ladies, remember that black lycra skirt with two long slits by the side?),  it was totally in vogue then.

The day arrived and I dressed with care (I was going to meet my in-law).  When I got to the compound, I knocked and knocked but no one answered. So I pushed the gate and entered since it was ajar. As soon as I got in, 3 big Rottweilers appeared from nowhere and surrounded me. I was shocked, 'Le boo didn't say anything about dogs', I thought to myself.

Since I was afraid of the dogs, I started running,  pandemonium broke, the dogs chased after me, I couldn't make it back to the gate so I decided to climb the fence (wasn't that high anyway).

As I successfully climbed the fence, I heard. 'tiaaaaaaaaat!' My favorite skirt had torn into pieces.  The granny panties I wore (that was the kinda panties my mom used to buy for me) was out for the world to see!
I couldn't jump down the other side cos it was someone's compound and I wasn't sure they didn't have dogs there too so I stayed there!
Before I could plan my next move, the whole household scurried outside to see what the commotion was about.
I saw Le boo, he stood between his mom and dad and pretended like I was an alien! He was asked to go lock up the dogs and I was brought down. I was asked whom I was, and the person I was visiting. I pointed at my 'Le boo' but dude swore he had never seen me in his entire life! ***sigh**

Y'all should've seen me that day, I looked like a mad woman. I had to tie the pieces of my skirt together to at least cover my modesty. After tying my torn skirt together, I sauntered out of the compound in tears! That was the end of my romance with the handsome childish church boy.

@Vivian Kokomma

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