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Daily Affirmation 5th April!!

I affirm that the Name of Jesus has been given unto me, to rule and reign over circumstances and situations. I am an embodiment of Christ; the effulgence of His glory and the express image of His person. As Jesus is, so am I in this world. I am a partaker of the inheritance of the Saints, a member of the body of Christ; with equal right and access to the throne room of grace. I am strengthened and energized for increased productivity and greater effectiveness by the Spirit of God. The Love of God is shared abroad in my heart by the Holy Ghost. Therefore, I am full of Love! Down in my heart is the nature of the Father and I live each day from my spirit. All the fullness of God tabernacles in my heart and out of my belly flows rivers of living water! Glory to God!

Good Morning, God Bless you big
( Credit : Affirmation Train )

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