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Woman spends £20,000 on 5 boob-jobs after husband complains she ‘looks like a man’ (Photos)

A woman, Janey Byrne, went under the knife 5 times and has gone through 13 years of hell because her hubby told her she looked like a man.
Byrne was left with scars and swellings after five operations, four lots of implants with three different surgeons. She also lost £20,000 to the surgery,
According to reports, 48-year-old Janey, got her first boob job in 2004, after her husband Dave, also 48, joked that her 36AA boobs made her look like a man.

Janey has suffered a nightmare with her breasts going under the knife repeatedly as problems have arisen with them.
After being affected by the PIP scandal in 2012, her implants were replaced with something Janey claims left her breasts tight and painful, before she finally got a size she was happy with.

But when she noticed her boobs were wonky six months ago, she went back to her surgeon who suggested an uplift – and when she went under the knife last month, he discovered her implants had ruptured.
Now, all Janey has got to show for it is scarring and swelling, leaving her feeling too disgusted to look in the mirror, as the doctor had to take out the ruptured implants.

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